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Syria Wins the Hypocrisy Award

by Elliott Abrams
July 25, 2011

Even by its own unrivaled standard of hypocrisy, the Assad regime’s “reform” permitting the formation of new political parties is prize-winning.

According to Reuters, under Syria’s new political parties law “The establishment of any party has to be based on … a commitment to the constitution, democratic principles, the rule of law and a respect for freedom and basic rights.”

This law would theoretically end the monopoly of the Baath Party. Of course, were parties in Syria actually required to be committed to democracy and human rights, much less the rule of law, the Baath Party itself would be viewed–accurately–as a criminal organization. This “reform” is yet another effort by the Assad regime to portray itself as open to genuine change, even as its forces kill unarmed demonstrators in Syria’s streets.

No Syrian will be fooled by this move, and few foreigners will be either.¬†Yet even by mendaciously honoring the need for open political competition, it is another step toward the demise of the Assad clan’s bloody rule over Syria.

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  • Posted by Arabi Souri

    It’s really interesting to have a US official mention hypocrisy when it comes to human rights, with all the violations the US has committed in Afghanistan and Iraq, especially invading a country based on a lie!!

    But, since you mentioned the unarmed demonstrators in Syria, maybe you need to take a closer look: http://j.mp/naOagL – maybe you’ll see some arms around, the slogan written on the side of the vehicle in red is: Al Rastan Revolution.

  • Posted by canadiansyrian

    There is NO law in syria. there is only one family that is the law. it`s called ASSADS.
    the minority alawis are the laws.
    If you are an Alawi,,do as you wish.
    if you are non Alawi ,find some alawi to help you do what you wish doing.

  • Posted by ubezpieczenia zdrowotne generali

    How is it that just a person can write down a blog plus get as popular as this? Its not resembling you’ve said anything extremely awesome -more resembling youve painted a sweet picture over an concern that you know nothing concerning! I dont need to appear mean, at this point. But do you genuinely judge that you be capable to get away with adding various sweet pictures along with not genuinely say something?

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