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The Zionist Plot of Amr Moussa and Mohammed El Baradei

by Elliott Abrams
December 5, 2012


Those who wish to remain optimistic about political developments in Egypt must today contend with a most ridiculous yet still serious development.

The new Prosecutor General, Talaat Ibrahim Abdallah, appointed just days ago by President Mohammed Morsi, has referred for investigation the following allegation: that former presidential candidates Amr Moussa and Hamdeen Sabbahi, Constitution Party leader Mohamed ElBaradei, Wafd Party president Al-Sayed al-Badawy and Judges Club head Ahmed al-Zend are all guilty of espionage and sedition.

The specific accusation is that

Moussa met with former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and agreed with her to fabricate internal crises, and that all of the politicians named in his complaint then met at the Wafd Party headquarters to implement the “Zionist plot.”

The new Egyptian government’s decision to treat such an accusation seriously telegraphs that, as in the Mubarak regime, investigations and prosecutions will be used to intimidate and silence political critics and opponents. It also suggests that any bizarre charge, any wild accusation, will be given credence so long as it contains the word “Israel” or the word “Zionist.”

That this development comes in the midst of Egypt’s current crisis makes the actions of the Prosecutor General even worse, for it suggests that instead of seeking compromise the new Muslim Brotherhood rulers desire confrontation and wish to use the power of the state to crush non-Brotherhood leaders.

I’m not sure which is worse: the possibility that President Morsi is such a Brotherhood ideologue that he actually believes that Moussa and El Baradei would meet with Tzipi Livni and “fabricate internal crises,” or the possibility that he knows the charge is ludicrous but approves its utilization against critics. Either way, it is another step away from democracy for Egypt.

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  • Posted by EthanP

    The anti Semitism/Zionism of almost all Egyptians is very disturbing. Earlier today I saw an Egyptian “cartoon” against Morsi. It consisted of an identafiable drawing of Morsi. He had a Moshe Dyan eyepatch and two Magen Davids’, one on his forhead, one on his chin. Don’t believe for a moment that if the M/B is put down it will improve things vs Israel. Even the Egyptian Christians attack Israei policy. Of course it may be just to ingratiate themselves to their Islamic neigbors.

  • Posted by Paul Surovell

    Mohammed El-Baradei is Egypt’s best hope for a successful democracy and a prosperous future. He has been named as leader of the newly-united opposition. El-Baradei is fair and principled and capable of bringing together the Islamists and the secularists. He is one of the only heroes of the Iraq War, having courageously stood up to intense pressure by the Bush administration to support its false claims about an Iraqi nuclear weapons program. He has what it takes to lead Egypt out of its crisis.

  • Posted by Kashmir

    The origin for Egypt’s deep seated anti-semetism lies among its religious clerics. In a religious society, senior clerics dictate foreign policy. A black seed sits in the heart of Islam. And it is called hate.

  • Posted by Aaron Burr

    how Soviet of the Prosecutor General

  • Posted by Andy R

    Here is one video you need to watch to know where anti-Zionism is spread all over the Muslim World.
    Unfortunately, here in North America, WE have NEVER been TOLD WHAT THE ISRAELIS ARE DOING TO THE PALESTINIANS. THE NEWS IS FILTERED. Over there in the Middle East, everyone knows about the WAR CRIMES Israel commits in the occupied lands. that is where the hate is coming from.
    forget about anti-semitism/Zionsism. NOBODY LOVES WAR CRIMINALS.

  • Posted by Andy R.

    Hi Elliot,
    You did not like my comment because it goes against your convictions. I wished you responded to it. It is a fact that Jews were closer to the Muslims than to the Christians for more than 12 centuries until Israel was established.

    It is in the interest of the Jews and the Muslims to know these facts.
    What Zionists are doing today is scaring the majority of Jews because sooner or later, ordinary americans will know the truth, and there may be a backlash that hurts the Jews in general. I know thousands of Jews who do not support what Israel does and are anti AIPAC.
    So what do you think of that?

  • Posted by Quizzical Look

    How noble of Andy R to ominously threaten Jews with a ‘backlash’ unless political decisions in a different part of the world are effected by other people.

  • Posted by Joel

    Animal Farm on the Nile.

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