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Freedom in the World 2013

by Elliott Abrams
January 16, 2013


The invaluable annual survey of freedom by Freedom House has just been released. Freedom In The World 2013 describes a year of gains and losses:

The findings of Freedom in the World 2013, the latest edition of Freedom House’s annual report on political rights and civil liberties, showed that more countries registered declines than exhibited gains over the course of 2012. This marks the seventh consecutive year in which countries with declines outnumbered those with improvements. Yet the number of countries ranked as Free increased by three, and now stands at 90, suggesting that the overall ferment includes a potential for progress as well as deterioration.

This document is rich in information, and in comparisons across regions and  over the decades. Freedom House reminds us as well that future trends are unpredictable and that we and other democracies have a key role to play–but do not seem to be playing it:

There is thus a critical need for leadership from the United States and other democracies. In the United States, the reluctance to provide that leadership represents a rare case of bipartisan agreement. President Obama has made clear his desire to focus on domestic concerns; the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party has fixated on across-the-board reductions in spending, including on foreign assistance; libertarians, also a growing influence in the GOP, are hostile to the very idea of American global leadership; and even the party’s leaders now seem ambivalent about America’s role in the world. In Europe, the leading states are weighed down by the financial crisis. Meanwhile, rising democratic powers like Brazil, South Africa, and India have shown a profound aversion to condemning governments in other developing countries, including those that routinely commit atrocities against their own people.

The document rewards a careful reading and, as always, is an important asset in the struggle for freedom around the world.

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  • Posted by neville craig

    Perhaps Freedom House is nowadays ‘behind the ballgame’.
    As someone who has actually lived in difficult places as a senior executive for a major corporation, I welcome the fact that Obama is pulling the US back from global ‘leadership’.
    He doesn’t have funds to support the Interference Complex.

    Europe seems NOT so ‘weighed down by the global crisis’, as evidenced by recent and current activities in Africa. And Ecowas is building its abilities for ‘informed’ interventions.
    It will be messy, but better than ‘Shock and Awe’ democracy

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