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Will Fayyad Resign?

by Elliott Abrams
April 11, 2013


Reuters reports that “Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad offered his resignation to President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday following a rift between the two men over government policy….”

Fayyad has offered to resign before, but there is reason to think that President Abbas will accept the offer this time. There is no love lost between Abbas’s Fatah Party and Salam Fayyad, and what aid donors appreciate most–the fight against corruption, the effort to build efficient and effective government institutions, the desire to insulate Palestinian security forces from Fatah politics–are just the things about Fayyad that Fatah pols appreciate least.

Nor is there a replacement available who has Fayyad’s stature and integrity. This will affect aid donors, who will wonder just what will become of their money if Fayyad is not there to watch over the PA budget. It will also affect the attitude of Israelis toward the PA, for Fayyad has personified a business-like approach to building real Palestinian independence that does not threaten Israeli security.

If Fayyad is, now, pushed out of the prime minister post, there will be many recriminations about who and what lost the opportunity for progress that his years in the post provided. Some will even be justified, and that is a subject I will revisit here if Fayyad goes. His departure would be a major event in Israeli-Palestinian relations.




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  • Posted by y Brandstetter MD

    It really does not matter. The PA is there for one reason only: to maintain the farce of Palestinian nationhood. Just like the Syrian nation, the Jordanian nation the Iraqi nation and the Lebanese nation, its a hoax whose life is at an end. Peace can only be achieved when Arabs west of the Jordan realize their sovereignty east of the Jordan, by repatriation or by agreement with the Jewish sovereign on the west bank. Anything else is either status quo or major blood-shed, a-la-Syria

  • Posted by Lily

    Neither Fayyad nor Abbas are fit for purpose. Abbas was elected president in 2005 for a 4-year term. His government is frozen in time, with frozen policies to suit.

    A year after he became president, abbas was filmed applauding a child who was chanting about dying as a martyr. His contribution to the incitement industry continues to this day. http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=709&fld_id=709&doc_id=4694

    Fayyad is no better, and arguably worse, because he is undeservedly held up as a paragon of virtue. Here he is, in January 2012, having fun applauding the incitement of palestinian children from his front-row seat. http://palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=847&fld_id=847&doc_id=6259

    Palestinians are led by two arafat clones — yet the West wonders why there is no settlement.

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