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The Debate On Aid to Egypt

by Elliott Abrams
August 21, 2013


In The Wall Street Journal today, I explain why I believe American law, interests, and values require a suspension of aid to Egypt. (The opposite side is taken by my friend John Bolton, in the Journal as well, here. The Journal sums up my argument this way: “By contravening U.S. law, the Obama administration is sending a dangerous message to Gen. Sisi.” Not a bad summary.

Here’s the final paragraph of my article:

Those who wish to maintain the aid face a more dangerous risk: That soon the killings and repression will become too great to stomach or justify. When it gets to this point, Congress or the administration—which on Tuesday confirmed that it is in the middle of reviewing its aid programs to Egypt—will suspend assistance. This is where I believe we’ll end up in the coming weeks or months, but instead of having done it fast, according to law and as a statement of American values, we’ll have done it because we had no decent choices left.


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  • Posted by diana hamilton

    I thought that the first to break with the concept of democracy was Morsi, when he gave himself dictatorial powers and nobody in the USA gov. said a word.. Democracy and Islam don’t go together. For the USA and EU try to change a culture is “hubris” close to stupidity. The MB would have never brought stability, only oppression. They would have been constantly opposed to the USA. Obama was adviced by Elbiary and et al, and here are the results. CHAOS.At least the military would be more closely allied with the West.
    This issue of morality touted by the administration is hogwash. Manning didn’t kill anybody and gets 35 years in prison. Morsi, the Pharaoh is “deposed” and gets Obama’s tears. Sisi gets McCain’s et al platitudes. All those members of Congress that want to cut aid to Egypt should study more Egypt, MB history. They are ignorants.

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