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Obama at the UN: No Time for Freedom

by Elliott Abrams
September 24, 2013


In his address to the United Nations General Assembly today, President Obama made some general statements in support of democracy. But when he got to actual cases, to actual U.S. foreign policy matters, the word was absent. When he discussed Syria and Iran and the Palestinians, he used words like dignity, security, culture–not freedom.

My own analysis appeared in The Weekly Standard today, and can be found here. The President’s desire to ditch the Bush “freedom agenda” has led him into a moral cul-de-sac here.

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  • Posted by Omar Nashashibi

    The alleged absence of “freedom” in Obama’s UN speech is bound to pain Mr. Abrams, as does of course possibly more so , the President’s reminding the world and the American people that for the Middle East,,in this case Iran, Syria and Palestine it is “dignity,SECURITY and culture” that do matter..
    Mr Abram’s true to form pain stems from two facts :
    1-His realization that Middle East has come to consider that “Freedom” is only accessible after “dignity. SECURITY. culture ” are attained and that this trio is the sine qua non of “freedom”
    2-That the USA has come to accept that trio whose past sidelining led to the progressive erosion of its influence, clout and standing in the Middle East.

    Both facts do suggest a possible, prospective , change in USA ME Policies that is bound to displease Israel and Mr. Abrams .
    That both promise to serve American interests and security in the Middle East seems NOT to weigh in with him.

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