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The Gaza Numbers Game: 18% and 14%

by Elliott Abrams
August 6, 2014


Here are a few numbers about Gaza that are not widely known.

18% of the rockets fired by Hamas (by IDF calculations), which is to say about 600 rockets, were fired from schools, hospitals, mosques, and cemeteries.

14% of the rockets fired by Hamas actually fell inside Gaza. That’s more than 450 rockets, and before Israel is blamed for every bit of damage done inside Gaza by rocket fire a calculation must be made of the damage inflicted by Hamas itself.

A final number to add: 10.  Ten is the number of electricity generators Israel has sent into Gaza as of today. It is also repairing the electricity lines into Gaza, for most of the power to Gaza comes from Israel rather than Egypt. As the attacks on Israel for the humanitarian situation inside Gaza pick up speed, all these numbers should be kept in mind.

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  • Posted by Aziz

    Type your comment in here…to hard to believe .
    This is a pure attempt from the Israelis to justify their masacare .
    Can u give ur readers a number count on those were killed by the Israelis or this does not matter you.

  • Posted by nelson marans

    I have never seen in any national newspaper the statement that even during the most bitter fighting, Israel was still sending food, medicine and fuel into Gaza, only interrupted occasionally by mortar and rocket firing by Hamas.

  • Posted by Ernestine S. Bonicelli

    All human lives matter, but you are putting the blame on the wrong people. Hamas kidnapped and murdered three teenaged boys, and Hamas rained down the rockets on Israel first, and during every cease fire. They agreed to the last cease fire (before this one) for the sole purpose of kidnapping an Israeli soldier. Why are you not addressing the facts in the article? Because you can’t, without admitting Hamas’ guilt. You are wasting your time posting lies.

  • Posted by CCFF

    Aziz – the Gazans were killed by Hamas, who exposed them to death while hiding in their bunkers. Shame on them, and shame on you for suggesting that Israel is to blame.

  • Posted by Aharon Michael ben Chuna HaLevi

    Casualty numbers are not relevant since military targets were attacked. The collateral damage was due to Hamas’ position of and therefore militarization of their locations and failing to remove civilians from those areas as does every other military.
    The only issue was the military relevance of the targets.

    England fire bombed Dresden in WW2, killed over 100,000 cilivions; the us nuked Hiroshima and Nakasaki with over 200,000 dead – knowing there were civilians there. Why, because they were military targets. Warefare allows that by international law.

    Now, all civilian deaths on both sides are a tragedy, but Israel did not target them, only the military targets. International law does not require zero response from the attacked party (Israel) and does require the non-use of human shields because there is no prohibition on self-defense.

  • Posted by John

    Aziz, both the New York Times and the BBC have reported independent analyses of the numbers of casualties over the past few days (look it up yourself). They indicate that we have all been fed bogus numbers that greatly exaggerate the number of civilian deaths. For example, women and children 15 years old or younger make up 72% of the population, but account for less than a third of the casualties. As the head statistician at the BBC stated, these independent analyses show that the Israel’s have not engaged in indiscriminate killing of Palestinians.
    All civilian deaths are sad and unfortunately they have occurred in every war that has ever been (usually a far higher rates than in the recent Gaza war). But if the Israeli’s are killing mostly men of fighting age (20 years and older), this suggests that they are fighting in a careful way to avoid civilian deaths.

  • Posted by EMT

    My dear friends, don’t waste your time with Aziz, he doesn’t know what he is saying. This is the weakness that Israel has to deal with.
    Do you understand now?

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