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UN Quiz: Who’s the Prime Minister of Israel?

by Elliott Abrams
August 13, 2014


Despite the criticism of the UN’s Goldstone Report, including by Goldstone himself, the UN seems determined to do it again.

Goldstone investigated “Operation Cast Lead,” the war between Israel and Hamas in December 2008 and January 2009, or more precisely he ignored Hamas and investigated Israel. Now the UN Human Rights Council has appointed a commission to investigate the current conflict, and once again Israel alone is to be the target. There will be no investigation of the rocket and mortars fired at Israel by Hamas, nothing about the purpose of the terror tunnels dug by Hamas into Israel, nothing about human shields, nothing even about Hamas’s use of UN facilities as storage sites and launching pads.

This kind of investigation requires the right leader, and the UN appears to have found him: a Canadian law professor named William Schabas. No nonsense about objectivity here: Schabas is on record denouncing Israel repeatedly, as UN Watch has documented. But it gets worse: he is also on record as saying that Prime Minister Netanyahu should be “in the dock” for the crimes Israel committed during Operation Cast Lead. Minor problem: Netanyahu was not in government at the time; Ehud Olmert was prime minister then.

Such small details do not apparently trouble Schabas: what’s the difference, prosecute one Israeli or another. His own intense hostility to Netanyahu, also documented by UN Watch, may have led to this little mistake–which shows not only hostility to Israel and Netanyahu but a cavalier attitude toward the facts. All in all, he’s exactly what the UN Human Rights Council is looking for.

Canada’s foreign minister John Baird had it right when he tweeted “UN Human Rights Council continues to be a sham for advancing human rights; today‚Äôs ann’t for members of its Gaza inquiry reveals its agenda.”




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  • Posted by Dean Smallwood

    The U.N. IS a “quiz” ! … I , like many others , wonder why we ( the U.S. ) is still a member . How much longer can this foolishness go on ?

  • Posted by EthanP

    Maybe if the UN spent less time demonizing Israel they might actually be able to save the people who are facing REAL genocide.

  • Posted by Mattrhew

    Well said, reviewing the human right commission record reveal undeniable truth, they themselves become the protector of and in fact the extension of terror group. Very sad.

  • Posted by Aziz

    Type your comment in here…u r a focal supporter of Israel which led u to become a blind on facts and reality .
    All are wrong expect u.

  • Posted by knightly

    UN Human Rights Council never well cover equally on many countries.

  • Posted by diana

    And who pays for his salary?
    Why are we members of this corrupt and failed organization?…………..

  • Posted by Jassem Othman

    The UN Human Rights Council is a nasty organization, it’s good only in the advancement of the rights of muslim terrorists and Arab extremist nationalists but indirectly, where their offices in the West have become safe havens for this sort of people. The HRW’s staff continually assailing Israel over its right of legitimate self-defense, and repeatedly they assailed the United States over its handling of terror suspects. So this is not unusual, it is normal, because the UN is a Jew hating organization bent on the destruction of America and Israel. It’s a fully communist and Islamist, which contains a group of countries that are pro-evil against America and Israel, which is why you CAN’T depend on this blind organization to protect the security of America and Israel and their vital interests.

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