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The British Royals and Israel–Again

by Elliott Abrams
March 28, 2016


I’ve written before in this blog about the British royals and their refusal to visit Israel, the most recent time here.

Now we learn that Prince Charles may visit Iran.

The story in The Independent tells us that

A Clarence House [the Prince’s residence] spokesman said: “The autumn tour is not confirmed.” But the newspaper source was quoted as saying: “The prince is very keen to visit Iran. He hopes he would be able to use his role as a diplomat to further encourage the relationship and dialogue between the two countries.”

Prince Charles is said to have a strong interest in Persian history….

Apparently the Prince lacks much interest in Biblical history, or at least enough to warrant visiting the lands where the Bible narrative took place.

Four years ago the Iranian regime stormed and set fire to the British embassy. And of course Iran remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. But that does not deter the Prince from a royal visit. (He has visited Iran once before, after the Bam earthquake “in his capacity as president of the British Red Cross charity, and not as a royal figure,” just as he once visited Israel briefly, for the Rabin funeral.)

It is remarkable, to say no more, that the British royal family continues to refuse to visit Israel when even a vicious, aggressive, terror-supporting Middle Eastern dictatorship will get a visit.

Here’s a suggestion. Why don’t the Saudis and Emiratis, who both have close relations with the UK and understand that Iran is a dangerous enemy, send a quiet message to Clarence House via the Foreign Office. The message should be short and sweet: the Prince ought to find that a visit to Iran is simply not convenient.


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  • Posted by Sheila Novitz

    What and who are the British royals that we should be concerned about non-visits from them? I am confused. They are Germans from way back who decided to change their name to something more “respectable.” They are the royalty of a country that has always hated Jews; they had the Palestine mandate which refused entry to hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing certain death, shipping thousands off to Mauritius in rickety ships to spend the war in a prison camp where hundreds died. During the mandate their army whipped and hanged Jews living in the mandate. They are not going to change their attitude towards us. And what is Charles? A self-opinionated adulterer indirectly responsible for his wife’s death.

    Why would we want any of them in our homeland?

  • Posted by P. Freiberg

    Could it be that the reason Charles visited Israel only for a funeral is that he thinks “the only good Jew is a dead Jew”?

    Is it just a coincidence that Charles’ son Harry infamously wore a Nazi uniform to a party?

  • Posted by Peter


  • Posted by Leslie vadas

    The British royal family has shown its even handedness towards the whole world. From former terrorists in Ireland to current terrorists in Iran, all are embrased. They have empathy toward everyone in the world with only one small exception, Israel. They show their antipathy towards the Jewish state regularly. Their antisemitism is obvious and historical.

  • Posted by Gabriella Klein

    Maybe if the land of the Bible was Judenrein, with only “native Arabs” looking colourful in their Kefiyehs and the women sporting traditional embroidered dresses, would Prince Charles find it an attractive, exotic location for a visit. The reality of Israel being a multi-cultural and multi-religious modern democratic state that survives against all odds in the most hostile environment, and provides so much technological and scientific knowhow to the world, is probably just too plain boring for your do-gooding prince.

  • Posted by Kay Salicornia

    Yep! And ladies and gentlemen, this is yet another slap in the faces of the Israeli cronies, the Saudi thugs and the GOP fruitcakes.

  • Posted by Pablo M.D.

    perhaps they should be told that their grandmother is buried in Mount of Olives Cemetery (Jerusalem()as she one of the righteous Jews. Her son the “prince” has visited her grave once. Is time for the royals to honor their ancestors that are worthy of honor.

  • Posted by Jossef Perl

    Frankly with the European anti Israel obsession, while Islamic terror explodes in various European capitals, I am pleased that the empty British Royals skip Israel and save Israel the cost associated with their visit, even when their motives for not visiting is not noble.

  • Posted by Cyrus Z

    The jealousy of a pro-Israel biased writer is obvious in this blog. Prince Charles has already visited Iran before and having read Jewish history vs Persian history myself, I can tell you the later is far more interesting. Persians were not enslaved, exiled and then reintroduced a millennia after the fact only to become occupying oppressors themselves for example.

    Much of the Biblical history you are so fond of covers the Persian empire anyway such as the fall of Babylon.

    Besides, Iran is a much larger, newer market for UK exports than Israel was or ever will be.

  • Posted by Dean Smallwood

    Prince Charles has never won any awards for intellectual dexterity .

  • Posted by D'Allessandro

    In the wake of the Brussels massacres it is in bad taste to even ponder on visiting Iran; not that the latter was involved with the terror act but because of past and recent actions. If the 2015 mysterious “death” of Argentinean prosecutor Alberto Nisman (who was investigating the 1994 heinous attack perpetrated against a Jewish civilian target in Buenos Aires) or the March 2016 launch of ballistic missiles is not enough evidence to demonstrate that Tehran is not serious about rapprochement with the West, then perhaps Prince Charles ought to take classes on diplomacy for just to state that he is “very keen” to visit Persian soil is a discredit to his title, England and the rest of the free world, and obviously an absence of ambassadorial skills in dealing with the shenanigans of a rogue state.

  • Posted by fred houpt

    Oh the Royals……serially a bunch of poofters, to borrow a Monty Python joke. Their venality towards Israel, as if they were the perpetual cheerleaders to the Foreign Office, who are still smarting, obviously, for the disastrous calamity of 1947-8, who simply can not, will not honor the state of Israel by a visit. Somehow this misguided moment of royal imbecility reminds me of Ronald Regan’s equally insane visit to the Bitburg cemetery, even though State Department officials squealed in vain at how bad the optics would look back home. Ronny told them to take a pill and go watch one of his old movies. Bitburg he was gonna visit and to hell with them. Fools.

  • Posted by Jassem Othman

    It is not unusual they do not like to visit the Jewish State, it is normal, maybe the real reason they are Jew-haters just like the rest of most Europeans. As you know the hostility toward Jews in Europe it is an inherited hostility among Europeans since the Middle Ages, since the Jews migrated to Europe. And though, Jews are very lucky in the UK, today the British people remain have the lower percentage on the pyramid of Jews hatred in Europe.
    Anyway the visit undoubtedly is politicized because all visits of the British royal family are undertaken on the advice of the British Government. So a visit of an important member of the British royal family to Tehran, it would give more credibility and trust to the Mullah’s regime, which is one of the most brutal and repressive in the world. It is as ratification and legislation for the repeated hardline aggressive declarations by mullahs against the State of Israel, the Great Satan and their Arab neighbors in the Gulf. They repeatedly called to eradication the Jewish state from map, where described it in a dirty Zionist regime, which is like a “black and dirty microbe and a savage animal.”

    Such a visit at this time is also as an insult to the Saudis who have very close ties with the UK. It is seen as a justification for the dirty actions of the expansionist theocratic regime in destabilizing the security and stability of Saudi Arabia and the rest of Gulf States…

    I think the Saudis should also send short “messages” to Washington to those who betrayed them as well!?

  • Posted by Okey

    Why on earth should Israelis want any visits from British royals?

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