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Tunisia: The Last Hope of the Arab Spring

by Elliott Abrams

The “Arab Spring” has not brought the spread of peace, democracy, and human rights in the Arab world, which was the original hope. Neither Egypt, nor Syria, nor Libya have attained the conditions for which everyone in the United States hoped, nor has reform spread to the Gulf monarchies. But in Tunisia, there is still hope. Read more »

Tunisia’s Shame

by Elliott Abrams

The existence of “World Jerusalem Day” is itself a source of shame to all its “celebrants”, for it has now become a day when orgies of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric are produced. ┬áIn Iran this past week, the day was “celebrated” by President Ahmadinejad with his usual vicious speech about Israel. While the crowd shouted “Death to Israel,” Ahmadinejad called Israel among other things a “cancerous tumor.” Read more »