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Japan: How to Help

by Sheila A. Smith
March 14, 2011

Japan needs assistance immediately for those stranded in the northeastern part of the country devastated by the earthquake and tsunami. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese tonight continue to be displaced, and in need of basic supplies such as water, food and blankets. Communities are devastated and a sustained humanitarian support effort will be required. While the nation’s military and civilian disaster relief teams are hard at work, supported by the U.S. and other national disaster relief teams, donations to experienced non-governmental disaster relief agencies can help mitigate the suffering.

Agencies with strong organizational capacity in Japan are:

American Red Cross
International Red Cross Red Crescent
Save the Children

The Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC website carries a list of options for those seeking to donate to the relief effort as well.

For U.S. citizens trying to locate family and friends in Japan, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo has a dedicated page for the relief effort in Japan.

Japan-America societies around the United States are also organizing donation efforts. A full list of these efforts can be found at the National Association of Japan-America Societies.

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  • Posted by japanese melbourne

    feel so sorry to see the earthquake in Japan.

  • Posted by Toshiyuki Suzuki

    I am in Tokyo. We have lost many lives on Friday,a happy week end on Saturday, some of food on Sunday, many of train services and electric powers on Monday and will lose some of bus services on Tuesday due to a shortage of fuel. Many people cannot commute even in Tokyo and walk hours to reach their working places. Stores are becoming empty. The nuclear power plant is becoming dangerous every hour. we are facing many events, such as oil crises in 70s,9/11 in 2001 and Katrina disaster in 2005 at once. I am telling people how the US people are brave and they have coped with crises successfuly. People in Japan are behaving ordinarily now and appreciate the emergences of the US Navy ships to help. Our political leaders should learn what they shoud do from your experiences in crises. Althouh it must be too late, if they learn a little from your experiences, millions of lives can be saved and people in Japan will appreciate the US for ever. We would like to learn what is right thing to do during a crisis.

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