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Earthquake in Myanmar

by Joshua Kurlantzick
March 24, 2011

Children sit amidst the debris of their destroyed homes southwest of Yangon May 7, 2008. (STR New/Courtesy Reuters)

The USGS reported earlier today that a strong, 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit northeastern Myanmar Thursday evening Burmese time. There are few, sketchy reports of damage, but it will be interesting to watch and compare the response to Japan. The Burmese government is not, shall we say, very interested in transparency, and after Cyclone Nargis in 2008, which killed over 130,000 people, the government hid the scope of the disaster, purposefully slowed down relief efforts, and, after some time, tossed out international aid groups. A similar response to this earthquake could ensure major tragedy.

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  • Posted by Simon Taylor

    Oh dear! Another negative article by an academic who feeds on out of date, old copy and hearsay to create another piece of mis-information on this beautiful country.

    Why don’t you write something positive, or perhaps your just don’t understand your subject.

  • Posted by betés abadias

    In Spain the news talk about Chinesse, not Burmesse, Earthquake. ¿ It’s the same ? or another ?

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