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China Moving Soldiers to Disputed South China Sea Islands

by Joshua Kurlantzick
July 25, 2012

People's Liberation Army Hong Kong garrison march at an airbase in Hong Kong (Bobby Yip/courtesy Reuters)


In today’s New York Times, a detailed article notes that China’s Central Military Commission has approved “the deployment of a garrison of soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army to guard disputed islands claimed by China and Vietnam in the South China Sea.” This development is only going to ratchet tensions up even higher from the already sky-high level in the wake of the failed ASEAN foreign ministers’ meeting earlier this month.

In a new CFR Expert Brief, I analyze the current state of tensions in the South China Sea, examine where the dispute is headed in the near term, and discuss how all sides can cool the situation before it spirals completely out of control. Read it here.

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  • Posted by Bob Walker

    Dear S/M……..China is conduction a two-pronged attack to test the solidarity of the ASEAN nations by……..

    1 ‘ breakup of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) foreign ministers meeting ‘

    2 Military moves against the ASEAN nations disputed territory at the Spratleys et al.

    Re. the Meykong River nothing was really gained as those countries wich broke ranks….were expected

    Re the Spratleys et al.The physical military,boxed-in, presence is hardly a brilliant move..

    I expect that not only will we see a concerted presence by the ASEAN nation,,,,,we may see South Korea.Taiwan and Singapore and the US.

    I hope the Chinese have taken plenty rations with them as food could become an issue.

    Silly move bob

    ps I wonder if this action will affect the Chinese’s Oil Sands deal with Canada >?>

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