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Podcast: A Chinese Perspective on the U.S. Election

by Elizabeth C. Economy
December 15, 2016

chinese-consulate-election-watch Chinese visitors look at a screen showing live results of the U.S. presidential election at an event held at the U.S. embassy in Beijing, China, on November 9, 2016. (Jason Lee/Reuters)


It has been a busy few weeks for foreign policy analysts in Beijing as they struggle to determine how China should best approach relations with the incoming U.S. president. On this week’s Asia Unbound podcast, Chen Dingding, professor of international relations at Jinan University and the founding director of the newly established Intellisia Institute, offers his advice on how Chinese leaders should approach a Trump administration. He explains that while the U.S. election results shocked many in China, there is still hope for stability in bilateral relations given the importance of U.S.-China ties and the strength of the U.S. constitutional system. Drawing from his own experience, Chen also shares the opportunities and challenges facing China’s new crop of think tanks and the role they play in informing Chinese citizens’ views of foreign affairs. Listen in to hear more about Chen’s research and astute political analysis.

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