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Tracking the Issues: Obama’s Business Tax Plan

by Newsteam Staff
February 22, 2012

President Obama stands alongside Vice President Biden in Washington February 21. President Obama stands alongside Vice President Biden as Obama delivers remarks on the extension of the payroll tax cut in Washington February 21. (Jason Reed/Courtesy Reuters)


The Obama administration released the president’s proposals for overhauling corporate tax codes (PDF). At the centerpiece of his proposal is a reduction of the top corporate tax rate to 28 percent (NYT), down from 35 percent, with dozens of loopholes and subsidies eliminated in exchange. In addition to the corporate tax rate reduction, Obama’s plan would establish a minimum tax on multinational corporations’ foreign earnings to discourage relocation of production overseas or shifting of profits abroad.

At a White House event to mark the extension of the payroll tax cut Tuesday, President Obama urged Congress to pass additional legislation (ABC) to help the economy, including bills to assist small business owners and struggling homeowners. “Keep taking the action that people are calling for to keep this economy growing. This may be an election year, but the American people have no patience for gridlock,” he said.

With a still struggling economy, tax breaks and business incentives have been popular proposals for all the candidates running for office. GOP candidate Mitt Romney is expected to release his own tax cut plan (NRO) this week, either at Wednesday’s debate or in a speech Friday at the Detroit Economic Club.

To see more about the candidates’ positions check out CFR’s Issue Tracker on the Economy.

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–Contributing Editor Liriel Higa

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  • Posted by Tina

    so, i think this is hilarious on one hand.But you also have to rizaele that the Democrats are frequently incapable of turning off this disparaging snarkiness OUTSIDE of a comedy show and they come off as arrogant big-city jerks (insert a stronger word if you like). and that is what costs them elections each time. Ever hear the saying that Democrats elect wise-college professor types and Republicans do well with Frat-boy/Football captain types. Obama (Bill Clinton, etc) speaks in long complex nuanced sentences. Palin (Bush, and other Republicans) in comfortable speaking to 6 year olds. Speaks in simple sentences.