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Overnight Roundup: U.S. Voters on China’s Economic Impact

by Newsteam Staff
April 13, 2012

Photo of the Day: Jobseekers at a career fair New York April 12, 2012 (Lucas Jackson/Courtesy Reuters). Photo of the Day: Jobseekers at a career fair New York April 12, 2012 (Lucas Jackson/Courtesy Reuters).


Concerned about the U.S. economy, voters are split on whether or not a growing China is good for the United States, Gallup says. Of those surveyed, 45 percent of voters said they think a strong Chinese economy is good for the United States, 48 percent said they see it as bad, and 7 percent said it had no impact or they didn’t know.

In addition to average voters, Gallup also surveyed opinion leaders, including business executives, government officials, think tank leaders, university faculty and members of the media. Of the opinion leaders surveyed, 61 percent say a growing China is good for the United States and 45 percent count it as negative.

Twenty-three percent of voters and 30 percent of opinion leaders said they agree with the statement that Chinese investment in the United States brings growth and jobs; 32 percent of both groups said they disagree. Both groups are also concerned about Chinese monetary policy with 42 percent of voters and 48 percent of U.S. opinion leaders agree that China’s currency is a major contributing factor to the U.S. economic situation, according to the Gallup poll.

Since the State of the Union this year, President Obama have vowed to get tougher on China’s trade practices. Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney has said on his first day in office he plans to declare China a currency manipulator ans slap tariffs on Chinese goods as punishment.

President Barack Obama called North Korea’s rocket launch “provocative” (AP) and said he is ending a food aid agreement reached with Pyonyang in February because of the act of international defiance.

The launch was unsuccessful, with the rocket falling into the Yellow Sea eighty seconds into flight, about the time its second stage should have kicked in.

Romney condemned the launch in a statement, holding the Obama administration partly responsible for North Korea’s bad behavior against the will of the rest of the world.

“Instead of approaching Pyongyang from a position of strength, President Obama sought to appease the regime with a food-aid deal that proved to be as naïve as it was short-lived,” Romney said. “At the same time, [Obama] has cut critical U.S. missile defense programs and continues to underfund them.”

Though some analysts say gas prices have peaked (CBS), President Obama discussed oil markets with France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy (Reuters) but declined to say whether they discussed releases from strategic oil reserves*. The White House has discussed a release with British Prime Minister David Cameron in March. But no international agreement has been reached so far, say Energy Department officials.

“There are many factors we have been analyzing including inventories and production,” Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Poneman said. “And we are consulting our colleagues at the [International Energy Agency] to figure out what makes sense going forward.”

Gas prices and the oil market have been driving the dialogue on the campaign trail, going hand-in-hand with voter concerns about the economy.

— Gayle S. Putrich, Contributing Editor

*Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story stated that Obama and Sarkozy discussed releases from the strategic reserve.

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  • Posted by Rider I

    This is the German Socialist affect. These young voters have not seen a German Socialist or a Stalin or a Mao. So they have no clue how to recognize a fascist economy. Where the Communist Chinese are a fascist single party regime. Where they are very racist and hatred towards any other culture but their own, Tibet, mongol’s, Budhist a whole line of rural types in Communist China. Not to mention they literally have second class id’s if you are a Chinese red neck. You are not allowed to go to the city to gain jobs, schools or health. These voters are very uneducated. We saw this with the German Socialist. Where a part of the US did not see the German Socialist centralizing power to a single part as a problem. Even the second time they did it the US voters still did not see it as a problem. However, after two times a fascist economy centralized the worlds resources, production and supply lines then used it to go to war. Then the US saw it differently with the Soviets. However, as the Soviet’s fell over 20 years ago a lot of these voters do not see the same affects that historical cold war families or children that where involved in the collapse of the the second to last remaining major fascist power the Soviet Union.

    Rider I
    Anti Economic Warfare Blog Post.