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Convention Update: A History of Foreign Policy Platforms

by Toni Johnson
August 27, 2012

Republican National Convention as preparations continue for the delayed start of the convention in Tampa, Florida August 26, 2012. (Jim Bourg/Courtesy Reuters)


With the Republican National Convention kicking off this week, we took a look at some  of the more memorable and pivotal moments of convention platforms and speeches addressing major foreign policy issues in prior years for both parties.

This CFR Backgrounder says that U.S. presidential nominating conventions tend to focus heavily on domestic issues, but notes that “foreign policy and national security issues are usually part of the parties’ platforms and in some years have dominated conventions, notably the 1968 Democratic Party gathering in Chicago and the Democratic and Republican party conventions in 2004.”

Timeline: Political Conventions and Foreign PolicyThis CFR timeline takes a look at more than a dozen conventions in which foreign policy played a significant role.

For a look at what 2012 candidates have to say on major foreign policy issues, check out CFR’s issue trackers.

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