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Convention Update: The Candidates and Foreign Policy

by Toni Johnson
August 28, 2012

The 2012 Republican National Convention opening in Tampa, , August 27, 2012. (Mike Segar/Courtesy Reuters)


The GOP convention has begun in Tampa. National political conventions as a rule primarily focus on domestic policy, and the 2012 election has largely been about the U.S. economy and ancillary issues like entitlement spending. However, there are number of foreign policy issues that could also come to play.

Get yourself caught up by reading CFR’s Issue Trackers that look at what the candidates have to say about some of the most pressing foreign policy and national security issues facing the United States.

The Candidates and the Economy

The Candidates on U.S. Policy Toward China

The Candidates on North Korea

The Candidates on U.S.-Iran Policy

The Candidates on Energy Policy

The Candidates on Immigration

The Candidates on Homeland Security

The Candidates on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Candidates on Democracy Promotion in the Arab World

The Candidates on U.S.-Pakistan Relations

The Candidates on Defense Policy

The Candidates on Afghanistan

The Candidates on U.S.-Russia Relations

The Candidates on the United Nations

The Candidates on Nuclear Proliferation

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