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Convention Update: Tuesday Speeches Focus on the Economy

by Newsteam Staff
August 29, 2012

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 28, 2012. (Eric Thayer/Courtesy Reuters)


The Republican National Convention was in full swing Tuesday night, with speakers focusing on economic messages, including job creation, the struggles of U.S. small businesses, and the fiscal future of the United States. Here are a few excerpts:

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) touched on what he said was the need to speak frankly with voters about the hard realities on federal spending.

“I know this simple truth: our ideas are right for American and their ideas have failed America. Let me be clear with the American people tonight, here’s what we believe as Republicans and what they believe as Democrats. We believe in telling hard-working families the truth about our country’s fiscal realities, telling them what they already know. The math of federal spending does not add up. With $5 trillion in debt added over the last four years we have no other option but to make the hard choices, cut federal spending and fundamentally reduce the size of this government. They believe that the American people don’t want to hear the truth about the extent of our fiscal difficulties. They believe the American people need to be coddled by big government.”

Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), who heads an important battleground state for the general election, spoke about his state’s economic trials and successes (FOX), arguing the Republican governors do better on the economy.

“You know I watched in horror as we saw the Italians in the French. And the Spanish and the Greeks have their credit downgrade. And I remember the night I watched America’s credit — downgraded. But in Ohio instead of our credit going down the current drain. Our credit outlook has been improved because it’s — recognize that we are managing our finances — creating jobs.”

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) also spoke of regulations that she said hurt U.S. small businesses and the changes Republican nominee Mitt Romney plans to make if elected.

“Under this administration, the regulations are up and the job creation is down…. Is that what we want for small businesses in America? No. To be afraid to grow because of the government? To face penalties when you create more jobs? To be told you’re earning too much? Isn’t it time that we had a leader who believes that creating jobs ought to be celebrated not penalized? That is why Mitt Romney is running for president. He’ll get the federal government out of the business of small business. He’ll fight to lower and simplify taxes. He’ll work to eliminate job killing red tape.”

 –Contributing Editor Gayle S. Putrich and Senior Editor Toni Johnson

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