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Midday Update: Candidates Campaign for Military Votes

by Newsteam Staff
September 28, 2012

Photo of the Day: Veterans at a campaign event for GOP candidate Mitt Romney in Springfield, Virginia September 27, 2012. (Brian Snyder/Courtesy Reuters)


President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney campaigned in front of military audiences in Virginia yesterday, where Obama talked up his jobs plan while Romney criticized Obama over $1 trillion in potential defense budget cuts (AP) that was passed in Congress with bipartisan support.

The cuts are part of sequestration deal that will kick in if there is no budget agreement by January. This CFR Backgrounder discusses defense cuts and the U.S. deficit debate.

Romney also said that lagging U.S. economic growth is a national security risk (Reuters), comparing 1.3 percent in the second quarter to Russia’s four percent and China’s 7 or 8 percent.

Read more about the candidates’ positions on defense policy in this CFR Issue Tracker.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu softened his tone on the United States in a speech at the United Nations yesterday following weeks of criticism of the Obama administration’s stance on Iran, a change which may have been brought about by President Obama’s increasing lead in the campaign polls, reports The New York Times.

Netanyahu has been trying to pressure President Obama into drawing “clear red lines” on Iran, after which it would be acceptable to mount a military attack.

A full transcript of the speech is available here.

This CFR Issue Tracker looks at both presidential candidates’ stances on U.S.-Iran Policy.

A survey of small business owners released this week reports that 55 percent would not have started their companies in today’s economy, and 69 percent blame Obama for the weak economy. The poll was conducted by a Republican polling firm at the request of the National Federation of Independent Business and the National Association of Manufacturers.

The findings come in contrast to another recent poll conducted by George Washington University’s School of Political Management that showed small business owners favoring Obama by a small margin.

Read more about the candidates’ positions on the economy in this CFR Issue Tracker.

–Contributing Editor Kirsti Itameri

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