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Midday Update: Romney Continues Benghazi Criticism

by Newsteam Staff
October 10, 2012

Photo of the Day: People listen to GOP nominee Mitt Romney speak during a campaign rally at a farm in Iowa October 9, 2012. (Shannon Stapleton/Courtesy Reuters) Photo of the Day: People listen to GOP nominee Mitt Romney speak in Iowa October 9, 2012. (Shannon Stapleton/Courtesy Reuters)

GOP nominee Mitt Romney and other Republicans continued to criticize President Obama’s handling of the Benghazi consulate attack ahead of today’s first congressional hearing (Politico) on the matter. Romney has accused Obama of mischaracterizing the attack and taking too long to acknowledge that it was an act of terror (WashPost).

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President Obama signed an executive order implementing new sanctions on Iran (The Hill) Tuesday. The new sanctions expand the list of people specifically targeted, close loopholes and increase penalties. They’re also meant to hinder Iran from repatriating oil revenue.

Meanwhile, Romney said that U.S. military intervention to stop Iran’s nuclear program was still on the distant horizon (AFP). Romney has said Obama is creating a dangerous situation by straining ties with Israel but has also recently softened his rhetoric on Iran.

“Let’s also recognize that we have a long way to go before military action may be necessary,” Romney told CNN. “And hopefully it’s never necessary. Hopefully, through extremely tight sanctions, as well as diplomatic action, we can prevent Iran from taking a course which would lead to them crossing that line.”

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Romney campaigned in rural Iowa yesterday as his campaign released a white paper on farm policy. Romney has criticized Obama’s leadership on the farm bill (Politico) while the Obama campaign has noted that the president’s farm bill has been stalled in the GOP-led House.

Romney’s rural agenda would implement tax policies for family farms and agribusiness, pursue trade policies to bolster the agriculture sector, ease  government regulations, and adopt energy policies to achieve independence by 2020 (Sioux City Journal).

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–Contributing Editor Kirsti Itameri

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  • Posted by Karl b.

    Mitt Romney’s flip flopping shows he can’t be trusted. And is not a leader. Dangerous for the country.