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Fiscal Cliff Update: Polls Show Support for Obama

by Newsteam Staff
December 13, 2012

House Speaker John Boehner at the Capitol, December 13, 2012 (Kevin Lamarque/Courtesy Reuters). House Speaker John Boehner at the Capitol, December 13, 2012 (Kevin Lamarque/Courtesy Reuters).

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Wednesday shows that 49 percent of the U.S. public approves of President Obama’s handling of the fiscal cliff negotiations (CNN), and 25 percent approve of House Speaker John Boehner’s actions.

A Bloomberg poll shows that 65 percent of the U.S. public–including 45 percent of Republicans–believe Obama has a mandate to raise taxes (Politico) because he “campaigned, ran and, won on his pledge to hike taxes on income brackets over $250,000.” Sixty-four percent also expect Obama to protect entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 76 percent of respondents said that they would accept higher taxes (Bloomberg) on the top 2 percent of earners as part of a tax deal. Twenty-four percent also said they would blame Republicans if no deal is reached by the end of the year, while 19 percent said they would blame Obama.

Boehner held a press conference on Thursday during which he again accused the White House of not being “serious” (BusinessInsider) about achieving a fiscal cliff deal. “President Obama wants to pretend spending isn’t the problem,” Boehner said. “That’s why we don’t have an agreement.”

Obama has said that he will not agree to a deal that does not include tax increases for the top 2 percent of earners.

 –Contributing Editor Kirsti Itameri

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