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Courting the Hispanic Vote

by Toni Johnson
January 23, 2008

Republican candidates stepped up rhetoric against communist Cuba and President Fidel Castro in a bid to win over Florida’s heavily Republican Cuban vote (McClatchy) ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Mitt Romney pledged not to lift the Cuban embargo (NBC).  

Romney is pretty much tied in Florida polls with Rudy Giuliani. Both are trailing two to four points behind Florida front-runner Sen. John McCain (R-AR). McCain, stumping in the state, emphasized his strong opposition to Castro and his regime.  On U.S.-Cuba policy, McCain told the Tampa Tribune: “I think the fact that [Cuban refugees] are washing ashore is an affirmation of that policy, as tragic as it is.”

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) won the endorsement of the heavily Hispanic United Farm Workers union, founded in 1962 by activist Cesar Chavez. During a speech in Salinas, California, Clinton said she supported allowing illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship (Monterey Herald).  “They should pay a fine, back taxes and learn English … but once (they’re) registered, they should be able to have legal status in America, and be on (their) way to citizenship,” she said.

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  • Posted by Clarence

    I don’t understand the Hispanic vote, or is it…they don’t understand that we need a positive change in the White House? It seems they have messed up everything, but we can still win. YES WE CAN!! To the small percentage that did vote for change…I am too angry to acknowledge your input.