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Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech

by campaign2008
February 26, 2008

hillary-clinton_1.jpgSen. Hillary Clinton’s speech in Washington, D.C., on Monday generated discussion again about the foreign policy credentials of Sen. Barack Obama. Less noted was the bleak foreign affairs outlook Clinton painted. She mentioned wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, countries “rushing to acquire nuclear weapons,” and “crushing” global poverty. She also pointed to climate change, disease pandemics, genocide in Darfur, terrorism, and the “rise of borderless, stateless criminal cartels.” Clinton drew distinctions between herself and opponent Barack Obama, and attempted to portray herself as a safe bet for voters concerned about foreign policy. “The American people don’t have to guess whether I understand the issues, or whether I would need a foreign policy instruction manual to guide me through a crisis, or whether I’d have to rely on advisers to introduce me to global affairs,” she said.

Pakistan: Apparently criticizing Obama, though not mentioning him by name, Clinton said she would not “broadcast threats of unilateral military action against a country like Pakistan just to demonstrate that I am tough enough for the job.”

Diplomacy: Clinton warned against legitimizing rogue states, and said she would “not be penciling in the leaders of Iran or North Korea or Venezuela or Cuba on the presidential calendar without preconditions.”

Africa: Clinton said she would promote a “consistent, coherent strategy in dealing with Africa,” but did not go into much detail. She did say the United States should push “more aggressively” for the deployment of peacekeeping forces to Darfur.

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