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The European Union Sends Election Monitors to Nigeria

by John Campbell
March 21, 2011

A member of the European Union Election Observation Mission stands beside his luggage as he arrives in the Nigerian capital Abuja. (Afolabi Sotunde/Courtesy Reuters)

In advance of Nigeria’s elections in April, the European Union Election Observation Mission has deployed 52 Long Term Election Observers to cover rural and urban areas of the country, with an additional 60 Short Term Observers arriving prior to the general election period. I will be paying particularly close attention to what they report.

In my view, in 2007 the European Union Election Observation Mission provided the most straightforward account of the largely fraudulent elections in Nigeria. The EU team’s successful coverage of the 2007 elections stemmed not only from the early deployment of Long Term Observers but also because their coverage of the country was so extensive.

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  • Posted by Ochuko Oyubu

    Shocking but true! Visit Sapele, Delta State on any election date. A political party bought cars and guns for well known thugs and criminals. The intention, which is already being carried out, is for the thugs to shoot to scare voters, so that they will not come out to vote. Because, they will fail the elections if allowed to be free and fair. Thumb printing of loads of voting papers was freely carried out in a house with the highest fence at MTN RD, OKURIGHWRE-SAPELE ON 2ND APRIL, 2011 when the election was later postponed.

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