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Iran in Africa

by John Campbell
September 30, 2011

An anti-Tehran human rights advocacy group,, has produced a two-minute video on the Iranian regime’s bloody meddling in Africa. It focuses on Tehran’s deal with  Sudan’s al-Bashir and the devastating consequences for Darfur; with Zimbabwe’s Mugabe whereby Iran supplies oil in exchange for uranium; and its involvement in the arms trade. is supported by a wide range of human rights advocacy groups, ranging from the Anti-Defamation League to Iranian Diaspora groups. Though a bit over the top, I like the video because while we often focus on Chinese intervention in Africa, we pay less attention to Iran.

For readers with an interest in Iran (as well as Africa!), let me call attention to the CFR’s official launch on Monday, October 3, of a new crisis guide on Iran. This interactive tool traces Iran’s evolution, its ambitions as a regional power, and its nuclear program. It also looks at the challenges Iran poses to its neighbors and the world, including Africa. Although the official release is next week, you can see it in its prerelease form by clicking on this link and entering the password, “cfr”.

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  • Posted by Daniel Mamba

    Yes, Iran in DRC particularly, is the consequence of the inattention of the USA and France to the real problems in the Great Lakes Region and their strong support for the two most dangerous regimes of the Great Lakes regions: Kabila and Kagame Regimes.

    We love the Iranina democratic system but we cannot support having another nuclear power.

    Kabila (DRC president) is in arms deals with Iran (up to Uranium sale?- existing pistes do prove such ambition-) to kill the congolese people (Read: George Starckmann interview with Freddy Mulongo on Reveil FM, 14 Sept. 2011 But the USA closes eyes because Kabila is mentored by Paul Kagame, the beloved son of USA. The USA and Western allies need to listen to younger generations of African thinkers, who propose mature long term win-win partnership and real democratisation, instead of same lameduck politicians who tour europe and America, in search of political position, for the same dirty games.

    Africa does not need strong Men neither superpowerful armies, but strong institutions and humble progressistes leaders, who are concerned with the safety and security of the world, job creation for all, markets reforms, balanced trades,etc.

    Kagame and Kabila (the mentor and his student)are just lying while trading with dangerous pretentious military powers.

    Prevention is better than Cure!
    Daniel MT

  • Posted by Matt Jones

    A small point but I notice that, when talking about Zimbabwe, the video mistakenly shows an outline of what is clearly Zambia, its territory filled in with the Iranian flag.

  • Posted by Realite-EU

    Please see also this:
    Iran Continues to Back Al-Bashir’s Sudan

  • Posted by Analyst

    These folks need to look at a map of Africa. They use a map of Zambia for Zimbabwe.

  • Posted by Lord Stryfe

    The country outlined in your graphic is Zambia, not Zimbabwe.

  • Posted by aharwood

    We have alerted the creators of the video about the map mix-up. Many thanks for the comments.

  • Posted by aharwood

    The video has been fixed.

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