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Congo-Kinshasa Goes from Bad to Worse

by John Campbell Thursday, December 15, 2011

Earlier this week, I did a bleak video for the CFR on the consequences of Congo’s just-concluded elections. If I were to do it today, it would be even bleaker. Both incumbent Joseph Kabila and chief rival Etienne Tshisekedi continue to claim to have won the November 2011 presidential elections, and neither shows any sign of backing down. Today in Kinshasa Tshisekedi’s party called for mass protests to “protect” his claimed victory, though there were no specifics as to time or venue. But, if and when it happens, there is likely to be considerable bloodshed. Outside the capital, it looks like Kabila’s faction is stepping up the repression. In the eastern cities of Bukavu and Goma, police stopped the opposition from marching and mayors banned all protests. In Lubumbashi, the presidential guard dispersion of a peaceful protest left many injured. Read more »