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A Special Report by the Nigeria Security Network and the Nigeria Security Tracker Weekly Update

by John Campbell
September 2, 2014

The map above depicts deaths in Nigeria by state. (Source: CFR Nigeria Security Tracker; powered by Tableau)


The Nigeria Security Network, a group of academics and think tankers, has issued a special report on the remarkable expansion of Boko Haram’s control in the northeastern state of Borno.  It is a must-read.  The report includes a detailed map that pinpoints the towns and territories that Boko Haram occupies. It reveals something approaching a crescent around the major city of Maiduguri, that has a population of at least one million, including a Christian minority. It concludes that Nigeria is losing control of Borno state. It suggests that if Borno falls to Boko Haram, Yobe and Adamawa could follow, along with parts of Camerooon.  If that were to happen, a major humanitarian crisis is likely.

The link to the Nigeria Security Network’s Report is here.

Below is our weekly visualization and description of some of the most significant incidents of political violence in Nigeria from August 23 to August 29, 2014 as reported in the Nigerian media. These incidents will be included in the Nigeria Security Tracker. This visualization is congruent with data from the Nigeria Security Network special report.

• August 23: Boko Haram took over Madagali, Adamawa. On August 28 it was confirmed that Boko Haram had taken over the Madagali Catholic church along with several houses.

• August 24: Twenty were killed in Wukari, Taraba by unknown gunmen.

• August 24: Eggon and Fulani clashed in Lafia, Nasarawa, resulting in thirty deaths.

• August 25 -August 26: As Nigerian soldiers fled across the border from Borno to Fokotol, Cameroon, Cameroonian soldiers killed twenty-seven Boko Haram insurgents.

• August 26: Boko Haram captured the town of Ashigashya in Gwoza, Borno, killing three.

• August 27: Eggon and Fulani clashed again, this time in Obi, Nasarawa, resulting in sixty deaths.

• August 27: Cameroon shelled Boko Haram’s camp in Gamboru Ngala, killing “many” although the exact number is unconfirmed.

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