Steven A. Cook

From the Potomac to the Euphrates

Cook examines developments in the Middle East and their resonance in Washington.

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Weekend Reading: 1967 Borders, Sectarianism in Egypt, and the Options for Iran

by Steven A. Cook
April 12, 2013

A vendor works on a copper item to be sold in a shop in Baghdad's al-Safafeer Souq bazaar (Mohammed Ameen/Courtesy Reuters).


Dahlia Scheindlin evaluates the pragmatism of Ghazi Hamad,  Deputy Foreign Minister of Gaza, who publicly recognized the 1967 borders last week.

Tarek Osman provides his insight on the sectarian issue in Egypt, after Muslim-Coptic violence struck Cairo once again earlier this week.

After unsuccessful talks between Iran and P5+1 in early April, Gholam R. Vatandoust assesses Iran’s options to remain confrontational or pursue a more constructive position in the international community.



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