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Middle Eastern Reactions to President Obama’s Reelection

by Robert M. Danin
November 8, 2012

U.S. ambassador to Iraq Robert Stephen Beecroft speaks during a news conference in Baghdad after the announcement of Obama's victory on November 7, 2012 (Mohammed/Courtesy Reuters).


“It made my day… I and my friends expected war if Romney won.” – Sima, a businesswoman in Tehran

“President Obama will press for human rights and democracy to leave his marks in history…Also, the re-election reinforces the drive for peace rather than wars in the region especially with regards to Iran.” – Jasim Husain, a former MP and economist in Bahrain

“He changed nothing during his first term and he won’t improve things in the next four years.” – Umm Omar, a thirty-four year-old resident of Damascus said of President Obama

There’s an old saying that the one you know is better than the one you don’t know…we know Obama, but not Romney.” – Hassan Gunnay, a twenty-two year-old from Sirte, Libya

“Your re-election gives you a second important chance to achieve peace in the Middle East…The future of the Middle East hinges on finding a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” – a statement quoted King Abdullah of Jordan as saying in a letter to Obama.

“Washington’s policy will remain the same. Obama can’t do anything; he lacks the will,” Abu Ismail, a beggar who lives in Damascus

“Obama is closer to Egyptians and the Arabs…Romney, I think, is farther from us.” – Mohamed Samir, 30, a financial systems consultant in Cairo expressing his relief that Obama was reelected

“Everyone thought Obama would help us, but he always sides with Israel…We don’t like him.” – Ahmed Abdeen, a twenty-seven year-old manager at a home-appliance shop in Ramallah

“We hope this victory for President Obama will make him free more to make the right decision to help freedom and dignity in Syria and all over the world.” – SNC spokesman George Sabra on the sidelines of an opposition conference on the Qatari capital of Doha

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  • Posted by Matt

    I think they are all animals, they are barbaric, I don’t like them an don’t trust them. it is politically incorrect to have such an opinion. That is why contracts like Hong Kong for land, including Jerusalem, Jordan Valley half the Golan’s. What I want is a non aggression pact, but I don’t want to have to deal with them.

  • Posted by Matt

    Like Qatar I think he is a pig, a pig with money, but a pig, it cannot be said because he has monies. Class, his suit you could put on a coat hanger and it would have as much class. I hate them all, that has been my position since 1983.

  • Posted by Matt

    I would prefer they all kill themselves, to be truthful.

  • Posted by Matt

    It is my personal opinion, since 1983, the Terracotta warriors, I dislike them all, whether it is Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Libya or the gulf, Iran. I don’t like them.

  • Posted by Matt

    Peace process or not they are going to attack me.

  • Posted by Matt

    Qaddafi threat a new intifada, your dead, how many times have Jordan threaten war. Arab Spring Qatar threats, the Turk. Dempsey threats. Always the threats. The Muluka with a holocaust.

  • Posted by Matt

    Will it be better probably not, but they are all dogs anyway boss.

  • Posted by Matt

    People are going to learn, you do not threaten me, you are going to out me in the oven, I will put you in the oven. The Arab Spring is Russian wheat,(box of matches) that is a Russian ally (Syria) He comes to Jerusalem (Putin). So who are you, to put me in the oven.

  • Posted by Matt

    Russia is scary, Putin is bad to be feared, you are all scared of him yeah. So I burn your wheat, destroy your ally, and you come to Jerusalem, or I will stick the country down your throat. I will stick the whole world in the oven.

  • Posted by Omar Ibrahim

    The only certainly positive aspect of Obama’s triumph is that it is a certain failure for the Netanyahu/.Adelson/AIPAC troika and yes for Romney too!
    Thereis no reason to expect any thing substantial from Obama in terms of resolve on an equitable resolution of the MiddleEast conflict which shows minimal upholding of Palestinians’ inalienable RIGHTS in their homeland.
    Unless of course ( a distant possibility) the man shows enough mettle and commands suffictent resolve and has the public backing to engage the USA into an open war with the external/internal influences and bodies which have hitherto relegated the USA to Junior partner to Israel’s Senior partner in Middle East affairs.

  • Posted by Abrar Jaan

    Agree with the statement of two persons
    1.Washington’s policy will remain the same. Obama can’t do anything; he lacks the will by Abu Ismail.
    2.Everyone thought Obama would help us, but he always sides with Israel by Ahmed Abdeen.
    As an example can be seen in GAZA where Israel attack with their nukes on innocent people of Gaza and even US not condemn the attack of Israel.

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