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Syria by the Numbers IV

by Robert M. Danin
May 22, 2013

Relatives of 55-year-old Kemal Baz, a victim of a car bomb attack, lower his coffin into a grave in the town of Reyhanli in Hatay province near the Turkish-Syrian border May 15, 2013 (Bektas/Courtesy Reuters)..


The total number of Syrians killed, exiled, or displaced by the brutal war there has increased dramatically in the nearly seven months since Middle East Matters bimonthly tracking of these statistics. Since then, the death toll has more than doubled and the number of Syrian refugees has more than quadrupled. To see just how dramatically the war has affected the Syrian people in the last half year, you can compare the figures below with the corresponding statistics for the months June 2012 here, August 2012 here, and October 2012 here. The overall figures from Syria’s conflict below really speak for themselves.

Length of Conflict

26 months

Deaths (May 2, 2013)

Total estimated deaths: over 80,000 (according to UNGA president Vuk Jeremic on May 15, 2013)

Total estimated opposition deaths: 61,07965,834

Total estimated regime deaths: 10,210

Civilian: 47,66456,037

Children: 6,1596,524

Opposition military: 9,796 – 13,415

Deaths by Province

Rural Damascus: 13,65714,963

Homs: 9,71110,836

Aleppo: 9,597 – 10,006

Idlib: 7,1127,678

Daraa: 5,3165,551

Damascus: 4,6015,264

Hama: 4,4504,814

Deir Ezzor: 3,9144,008

Al-Raqqa: 667849

Latakia: 768799

Al-Hasakah: 384479

Tartous: 274336

Quneitra: 244206

Al-Suweida: 4546

UN Refugees – Registered or Waiting to be Registered (As of May 21, 2013)

Total number of refugees registered or awaiting registration by the UN: 1,544,840

Total number of registered refugees: 1,316,558

Persons awaiting registration: 228,282


Total number of registered refugees: 321,419

Persons awaiting registration: 29,385


Total number of registered refugees: 399,765

Persons awaiting registration: 85,013


Total number of registered refugees: 386,922

Persons awaiting registration: 88,105


Total number of registered refugees: 151,195


Total number of registered refugees: 50,372

Internally Displaced

Estimated total number of displaced Syrians: More than 4.25 million


UNHCR Syria Regional Response Plan updated requirements (as of March 1, 2013)

Total requirement: $865,408,696
Total funded: $155,506,721


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  • Posted by Omar I B Nashashibi

    The USA and auxiliaries, including the CFR, will go on shedding bitter tears for the huge misery, deaths, destruction and over all calamitous suffering inflicted on Syria; both people and nation/ state.
    Two immediate points that call for an immediate riposte can hardly be repressed:
    1-What is the real, actual, de facto role that the USA played to bringing things to this point both directly and through auxiliaries acting at the will and command of the USA in a confrontation the USA, for reasons of its own, chose NOT to lead openly .
    Portents, Harbingers and Echoes of the NEW MIDDLE EAST, the brain child of Bush/Rice and their neo con /Zionist inner circles coterie, never disowned or repudiated by post Bush cannot escape the average observer.
    2-By any objective standard the USA has caused many more deaths, planned, launched and supervised a greater amount of destruction and inflicted far more suffering in and on Iraq in a pure unmitigated American born and American implemented conquest .
    Why ?, what is it that makes the USA shed tears on Syria in frequency, amount and intensity as it ever did over Iraq?

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