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My Interview on Sunday’s Defense News TV

by Janine Davidson
March 17, 2014


In case you missed it… I spoke briefly with Vago Muradian on Sunday’s Defense News TV show to clarify some of the most important recommendations in the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force’s final report.  I served as a member of this commission last year, along with Dennis McCarthy, Erin Conaton, Les Brownlee, Whit Peters, Ray Johns, Bud Wyatt, and Meg Harrell.

Watch the 6-minute TV clip here: http://bcove.me/4yhlejas

Highlights of our chat:

  • How rebalancing 36,000 active duty airmen to the reserve component (instead of cutting them from the total force as recommended by the Air Force in its current budget proposal) saves money, reduces strategic risk, and provides experienced airmen the option to continue to serve.
  • How further integration between the active and reserve components builds on Air Force “total force” innovation.  If implemented correctly, integration will remove bureaucratic and institutional friction, such as numerous and confusing duty statuses, insufficient man-year funding, and redundant parallel chains of command.  This will empower unit-level commanders to lead and manage their people and get the job done.
  • Why rebalancing certain career fields like, cyber, toward greater reliance on the air guard is a smart move that better addresses the hybrid homeland/national security threat.

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