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(Early) Weekend Reader: Women and World War I, ADM Howard Wins Her Fourth Star, and the Future of ISIS

by Janine Davidson
July 3, 2014

july-4-defense-isis Jeffrey Silverstone, dressed as "Uncle Sam," marches in the Takoma Park Independence Day parade during celebrations of the United States' Fourth of July Independence Day holiday in Takoma Park, Maryland, July 4, 2012. (Jim Bourg/Courtesy Reuters)


Happy Fourth of July weekend! This Reader comes a day early:

How World War I’s tragic course of events also changed the balance of gender equality foreverThe Daily Beast has the story. World War I fundamentally altered the relationship between women and the workplace.  “By the time the Armistice was signed in 1918, a British woman aged 16-32 stood only a one-in-ten chance of marriage.” These “surplus” women entered the workforce.

Admiral Michelle Howard receives her fourth starIn doing so, she is the first woman in history to be promoted to the rank of four-star admiral. We wish her the best.

The big choice for ISIS: build a state…or a super terrorist organizationBilal Saab, writing in the National Interest, lays out the options. “If al-Baghdadi succeeds in establishing a physical state, he would be the first jihadist leader to rule over a real Islamic Caliphate built on jihadist laws and principles. The jihadists’ dream would finally come true.”

Professional military education vs. civilian universities: which teaches policymakers betterAudrey Cronin breaks it down over at War on the Rocks. In particular, Cronin highlights the “keen tension” between military and civilian educational bodies, and a PME curriculum that too often confers “decent breadth, but shallow depth.”

Russia takes principled stand, vetoes House of Cards filming requestBarring a change of heart, the hit drama will not be filming its Season 3 on location at the U.N. Security Council. Putin is likely still aggravated about his frozen Netflix account.

Weekend Reader bonus: A Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier with a faulty landing gear manages to land anyway…on a stool.

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