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Weekend Reader: Army Cuts, Afghan Interpreters, and a Little H.G. Wells

by Janine Davidson Friday, April 25, 2014
army soldier night vision A U.S. Army soldier from 3/1 AD Task Force Bulldog uses his night vision equipment before an early morning joint patrol with Afghan National Army soldiers in a village in Kherwar district in Logar province, eastern Afghanistan, May 22, 2012. (Danish Siddiqui/Courtesy Reuters)

A difficult time for Army’s mid-career officers and senior NCOs… the Army announces that it will identify at least 2,000 current captains and majors for early retirement. Roughly 19,000 will be screened in total. This follows programs targeted at cutting senior NCOs, whose pace accelerated rapidly  this year. Nearly all those being screened have seen multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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