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New From CFR: Helen Clark on the 2013 Human Development Report

by Development Channel Staff
April 18, 2013


In a CFR meeting this week, Helen Clark, administrator of the United Nations Development Program, discussed the newly released 2013 Human Development Report and trends in global development. Among the topics was Africa’s economic growth. As Clark argued:

Africa, for that growth, is not getting the poverty reduction which Asia got at similar levels of its development because the growth has been coming off, essentially, extractive industries, for the most part. And to get poverty down, you have to find ways of getting domestic revenue of those industries and investing back into the virtuous cycle of development–the infrastructure, the education, the health systems, the social protection and so on.

You can watch the event video above or on YouTube here. An audio recording and a transcript are also available.

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  • Posted by Adamu Abdullahi

    It is imperative to decouple economic growth from natural capital depletion with emphasis for Africa as we transit from brown economy to green economy.The concern for African political and economic elites is the need for social safety net to cushion to effect of subsidy removal that are harmful to environment.
    Interestingly, the just concluded annual conference of Green Growth Knowledge Platform,GGKP, has produced a measuring tool for assessing the international diffusion of knowledge and technologies for Global Greening Value Chain.
    Human development report should highlight the efforts of national government in building capacity of civil servants in monitoring and evaluation of capital projects with feedback mechanism from the citizens.

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