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Responses to “The Need for Lawyers Without Borders”

by Terra Lawson-Remer
July 23, 2013

Statue of Roman Goddess Justicia in London, 2001 (Courtesy Reuters). Statue of Roman Goddess Justicia in London, 2001 (Courtesy Reuters).


My blog post last week proposing a global “Lawyers Without Borders” organization to represent local communities on international economic law issues generated such an unusual number of emails and comments I think it is worthwhile to highlight a couple responses.

Robin Ford wrote: “Thanks for this timely  article. I agree, but would go further.  There are many organizations that provide pro bono assistance… Advocates for International Development, the international wing of the American Bar Association, the Human Rights Institute of the International Bar Association, Human Rights Watch, and more.  I am sure they talk to each[other] from time [to time], but an overall coordinating and strategy-setting body would help them all be more productive.  In addition, I would like to see the creation of a group of superb commercial lawyers willing to work for less to assist lesser developed countr[ies’] governments with matters such as debt financing and public-private initiatives.  Far too often such governments are disadvantaged…when their legal team is not as skilled as the one acting for the other side of a deal.”

Garth Meintjes, executive director of the International Senior Lawyers Project, wrote: “The solution that you propose already exists, albeit not yet at the scale and scope that you envision.  The International Senior Lawyers Project is a free resource for communities and developing country governments who need high-level legal expertise.  ISLP works internationally on an attorney-client basis to empower those who lack the legal knowledge or representation to manage their resources effectively and to develop their economies.  ISLP’s staff in New York, London, and Paris are working hard to reach more clients and to recruit more volunteers.  Please visit for more information.”

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  • Posted by Julie Dubé Gagnon

    I would also add that an international mouvement called “Lawyers Without Borders” under its French name already exists under “Avocats sans frontières” which has a branch in Canada, Belgium and France. Namely the Canadian branch in English is called “Lawyers Without Borders Canada” and our projects are developed in order to promote pro bono legal services and representation to vulnerable groups in targeted countries such as Guatemala. Please have a look at our website

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