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Husain examines politics, society, and radicalism in the greater Middle East.

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“The Arab Street” and the Blogosphere

by Ed Husain

Readers of this blog will be pleased to know that the prestigious OpenDemocracy.net ranked “The Arab Street” as top blog for this week and commented thus:

“The Arab Street” located on the Council on Foreign Relations website would appear to be another high-collared take on Middle East politics. Yet Ed Husain, a senior fellow at CFR, has developed his blog into one of the most insightful sources for analysis on what is happening in the region. Whether it’s warning about the threat of intervention in Syria or exploring the power of American influence in Egypt, Husain does not pull punches. His posts are well thought out, clear, concise and surprisingly engaging. To top it off, Husain does not shy away from engaging with his readers, whether on Twitter or directly on his blog, “The Arab Street” is an open and unique source. Unfortunately, the blog is currently only published in English, but for those students or readers looking for an accessible source for fresh analysis, this is the blog for you. Read more »