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The Unapologetic Regulator

by Robert Kahn
May 10, 2013


Jaret Seiberg has an excellent summary of Ben Bernanke’s speech and Q&A today on financial sector regulation and reform.  This follows on Dan Tarullo’s speech Friday that highlighted the need for additional capital aginst short-term wholesale funding, an earlier Jeremy Stein discussion on liquidity regulation and the value of price-based regulation (rather than quantitiative limits on bank size favored by some in Congress), and similar comments by the OCC.  We now have as clear a signal as possible that U.S. regulators are ready, in Seiberg’s words, “to go beyond Basel 3 to impose to additional capital requirements on the biggest banks…[using]…a combination of a more restrictive leverage limit, a capital surcharge based on reliance on short-term debt, and a long-term debt requirement.” It also underscores the divergent approaches toward reform in the U.S. and Europe, where, against the backdrop of weak growth and credit constraints, the pressures appear to be leading to a slower, more bank-friendly path.

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