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Andy Revkin and I Talk About Keystone XL

by Michael Levi
September 2, 2011

Andy Revkin of the Times and I had a short chat about Keystone XL this morning. We discuss economics, climate, and politics. Here’s the video:

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  • Posted by ANDY APPAN

    CO2e saved = CER 15 BnT/Yr
    Oxygen saved = 5 BnT/Yr
    Fuel Burnt: OIL 12, COAL 12 MnT/Day
    Co2e = 22.5 BnT/yr. CER 15 BnT/yr[2/3]
    INV 700 Bn$ Return 5400 Bn$/Yr
    Profit 15 Bn$/Day
    Andy Technology: Engine,Bearing,Jet
    Double Speed, 1/3 Fuel for Same TON-HP
    Automotive, Rail, Ship, Power Plant
    No Boiler, No Turbine. Rotary Engine
    ALL Fuels Burnt : S L G .Nuclear
    GLOBAL OIL 12 MnT/Day, CO2e= 12,528 MnT/Yr
    GLOBAL COAL 12 MnT/Day, CO2e = 10,080 MnT/Yr
    GLOBAL CO2e = 22,500 MnT= 22.5 BnT/Yr
    Andy Tech 1/3 Fuel, CO2e = 22.5/3= 7.5 BnT/Yr
    CER = 22.5-7.5 = 15 BnT/Yr
    OXYGEN USED for burning is reduced from
    21 MnT/Day to 7 MnT/Day. Saved 5088 MnT/Yr
    Rotary Engine 6 M Dia, 1.2 M Thk, 12 kL- 1000 MW
    VC Fund 15 Mn$ RP 30 Mn$ in 3 Yrs
    M A Appan, M E. 919840463337

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