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A Presidents’ Day Quiz

by James M. Lindsay
February 18, 2012

Oval-Office-Quiz-2012-02-16 The Oval Office in the White House in Washington (Jonathan Ernst/courtesy Reuters).

Monday is Presidents’ Day. To get you in the proper celebratory mood, TWE presents its first Presidents’ Day quiz. You can find links to the quiz answer at the bottom of the post. Yes, you could Google the questions to find the answers. But that’s not much fun. By all means, if you have your own presidential trivia questions, please post them in the comments section so everyone can take a crack at answering them. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday weekend and good luck with the quiz!

1)      Who is the only president who grew up as an only child?
A: Barack Obama

B: James Polk

C: Herbert Hoover

D: No president has ever been an only child.

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2)      Who was the first president to be born a citizen of the United States?

A: Martin Van Buren

B: George Washington

C: Thomas Jefferson

D: John Quincy Adams


3)      How many presidents have had blue, hazel or grey eyes?

A: 11

B: 26

C: 38

D: All 43


4)      Which president was the first to have his mother attend his inauguration?

A: William Harrison

B: James Garfield

C: Andrew Johnson

D: Calvin Coolidge


5)      Which president changed his first name from Hiram when he was in college?

A: Grover Cleveland

B: Ulysses S. Grant

C: Thomas Jefferson

D: William Clinton


6)      Who was the only president to be named a sworn enemy of the United States?

A: Richard Nixon

B: James Madison

C: Rutherford Hayes

D: John Tyler


7)      Who was the only president to be the father-in-law to another president?

A: Abraham Lincoln

B: Theodore Roosevelt

C: Harry Truman

D: Zachary Taylor


8)      Who was the first divorced candidate to be elected president?

A: Ronald Reagan

B: Franklin Pierce

C: James Buchanan

D: Gerald Ford


9)      Which president enjoyed skinny dipping in the Potomac River?

A: William Taft

B: John Quincy Adams

C: Dwight Eisenhower

D: George W. Bush

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10)  Which president was near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other?

A: John F. Kennedy

B: Benjamin Harrison

C: James Buchanan

D: George W. Bush


11)  Who is the only president to have a child born on July 4th?

A: John Quincy Adams

B: James Madison

C: James Carter

D: Barack Obama

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12)  Who is the only president to receive a speeding ticket while in office?

A: Ulysses S. Grant

B: William Clinton

C: Gerald Ford

D: James Carter

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13)  Why is the Oval Office oval-shaped?

A: Because George Washington wanted it that way.

B: Because John Adams wanted it that way.

C: Decision by the architect.

D: Mistake by the architect.


14)  What was the original name for Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland?

A: George’s Place

B: The Eagle’s Nest

C: Shangri-La

D: The Taylor Trailer

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15)  Who wrote George Washington’s first inaugural address?

A: George Washington

B: John Adams

C: Thomas Jefferson

D: James Madison


16)  Which president created the Secret Service the same day he was assassinated?

A: John F. Kennedy

B: James Garfield

C: Abraham Lincoln

D: William McKinley

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17)  Which famous American writer published President Grant’s autobiography?

A: Walt Whitman

B: Mark Twain

C: F. Scott Fitzgerald

D: E.E. Cummings


18)  President Andrew Jackson established diplomatic relations with what country on his last day in office?

A: Canada

B: Mexico

C: Cuba

D: Texas

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19)  Which president is on the $100,000 bill?

A: Woodrow Wilson

B: Chester Arthur

C: Harry Truman

D: Lyndon Johnson


20)  Which president was previously a sheriff and an executioner?

A: Gerald Ford

B: Grover Cleveland

C: Calvin Coolidge

D: George H.W. Bush

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 Click here to see the answers in PDF.


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