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July 4th Trivia Quiz

by James M. Lindsay
July 3, 2014

July 4 Independence Day Soldiers Statue of Liberty The 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment ("The Old Guard") performs during a ceremony to reopen the Statue of Liberty in New York on July 4, 2013. (Eduardo Munoz/Courtesy Reuters)

Tomorrow is July 4—the best of all American holidays. To mark the occasion, I am offering up the annual TWE July 4 trivia quiz. You can see the previous quizzes here, here, and here. Below are thirteen new questions in honor of the original thirteen colonies that threw off the yoke of British tyranny. You’ll find a link to the answers at the bottom of the post. Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

1. The Declaration of Independence begins:

a) “To all to whom these Presents shall come…”
b) “When in the Course of human events…”
c) “We the People of the United States…”
d) “These are the times that try men’s souls…”

2. The concluding line of the Declaration of Independence is:

a) “All for one, and one for all.”
b) “We do ordain and establish this new country, the United States of America.”
c) “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”
d)  “We dissolve our political bands with the King of Great Britain to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

3. Who remarked at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) James Madison
d) Benjamin Franklin

4. Which historic infrastructure project began construction on July 4, 1817?

a) The Erie Canal
b) The Transcontinental Railroad
c) The Panama Canal
d) The Golden Gate Bridge

5. When did the tradition begin of setting off fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July?

a) 1777
b) 1846
c) 1932
d) 1963

6. How many of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence lived to see Britain sign the Treaty of Paris in 1783, which officially ended the Revolutionary War and secured American independence?

a) 14
b) 25
c) 36
d) 47

7.  Who was the only active clergyman to sign the Declaration of Independence?

a)      Francis Hopkinson
b)      John Witherspoon
c)      William Floyd
d)      John Hart

8. Matthew Thornton of New Hampshire signed the declaration, but his name does not appear with that of the other New Hampshire delegates. Why?

a) He signed late and there was no space left with the other New Hampshire delegates’ names.
b) He did not wish to be associated with his New Hampshire colleagues.
c) He wanted his name to be next to George Washington’s.
d) He had plans to move to South Carolina, so he signed with South Carolina delegates.

9. Which of the following members of the drafting committee did not sign the Declaration of Independence?

a) John Adams
b) Roger Sherman
c) Robert R. Livingston
d) Benjamin Franklin

10. How many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were not born in one of the original thirteen colonies?

a) four
b) eight
c) ten
d) twelve

11. The copy of the Declaration of Independence that is housed in the National Archives was actually signed on what day?

a) July 3, 1776
b) July 5, 1776
c) August 2, 1776
d) August 4, 1776

12. Which of the original thirteen colonies had the largest population at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed?

a) Massachusetts
b) New York
c) Pennsylvania
d) Virginia

13. How are the signatures on the declaration arranged?

a) Alphabetically by state
b) Geographically by state
c) Alphabetically by signer
d) Randomly

You can find the answers to the quiz here.

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