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Latin America's Moment

O'Neil analyzes developments in Latin America and U.S. relations in the region.

Visiting Brazil – the energy issue

by Shannon K. O'Neil Thursday, June 28, 2007

Energy is not just an important domestic policy issue in Brazil, but has also been a key element of its foreign policy. While Brazil has an admirable mix of energy sources – including hydroelectric, natural gas, oil, and ethanol – it has struggled and continues to struggle with potential energy shortages. These limits led to energy rationing in 2001, hitting the Cardoso government hard in the polls and providing Lula with an effective campaign issue in the 2002 Presidential race. Read more »

Visiting Brazil

by Shannon K. O'Neil Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I’ve been in Rio de Janeiro these last two days. The police presence in this city is impressive, as the city and state government prepare for the Pan American games in a couple of weeks. Police cars are spread throughout the city on all the major roadways and along the beaches. Nevertheless, just yesterday there was a gun fight between the police and the gangs, centered in the favelas located near the international airport. Let’s hope the city can pull off this international event without any real problems.

The Fundamental Flaws of Immigration Reform

by Shannon K. O'Neil Friday, June 1, 2007

With Congress on vacation, immigration reform is on hold. Coming back from their break next week, all sides will be ready to fight, armed with new arguments. In my op-ed in today’s Washington Post, I point out two issues so far ignored: bureaucratic capacity and demographic necessities. Let’s hope on their return Congress adds these fundamental underlying factors to the more expected debates about walls, new visas, and point systems.