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The Fundamental Flaws of Immigration Reform

by Shannon K. O'Neil
June 1, 2007

With Congress on vacation, immigration reform is on hold. Coming back from their break next week, all sides will be ready to fight, armed with new arguments. In my op-ed in today’s Washington Post, I point out two issues so far ignored: bureaucratic capacity and demographic necessities. Let’s hope on their return Congress adds these fundamental underlying factors to the more expected debates about walls, new visas, and point systems.

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  • Posted by Greg Weeks

    The issue of bureaucratic capacity should be extended to Mexico as well, which will have to help the processing of any temporary worker program.

  • Posted by Shannon

    I agree that Mexico’s own immigration administration needs to be brought into the process. While there is still a long way to go, Mexico’s government has been beefing up its consular presence in the United States to aid in this and other processes.

    Whatever the letter of the law, if the underlying infrastructure on both sides of the border doesn’t work, immigration reform will fail.

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