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The Rise of Mexico’s Middle Class

by Shannon K. O'Neil
November 1, 2011

Here are some excerpts from my interview with Mexico Today about how the rise of the middle class – now a majority of the population – is transforming the economic reality on the ground in Mexico.

To watch on YouTube, click here.

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  • Posted by Jorge Rave

    Really good overview of a reality that we tend to forget about the strenght of Mexico’s economy. Also, I really liked your comment on violence in Mexico and the comparison you drew with Kansas/NY.

  • Posted by Ramon

    “Violence concentrated in 3% of cities/counties…” Sure, but what percentage of Mexico’s population are contained in that 3% of cities? Is Mexico City part of that?

  • Posted by Maureen

    I was pleased that you touched on the fact that Mexico is striving and it is safe, for the most part. I have been traveling to Mexico (and supporting the Mexican economy) for the past 10 years and have always felt safe and have a very warm sense of hospitatlity when there. It is unfortunate how much of the media skews the reality of life in Mexico. Thanks for stating the facts and perhaps encouraging others to visit soon!

  • Posted by Armando T.

    …Shannon’s point of view on Mexico is far deeper and accurate than most Journalist even those in Mexico, every time I read something she has wrote or said about Mexico makes me feel so proud of being mexican, makes me wish to be home, and confident about my country’s future…it doesn’t happen to me when I read Proceso or any other Mexican news magazine is so depressing doing so!!!…
    Thank you Shannon for understanding how things are going on in Mexico, for being so professional and clear…I’m glad I discover CFR…it clear my mind and my perspective of our world…thanx to all the people involve in the CFR…is so enjoyable reading or watching you guys!!!…

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