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More College Grads Equals Faster Economic Growth

by Renewing America Staff
February 13, 2013


Washington should be doing more to expand the ranks of college graduates, especially as the population ages and the effects of the financial crisis linger, says CFR Adjunct Senior Fellow Peter Orszag. Over the last fifteen years, a slowdown in the rate of educational attainment has heightened inequality and hindered growth, he says.

One challenge that policymakers should address is the undue complexity of the financial aid process, which research has shown discourages many students from applying. “More should be done to simplify the process of financial aid,” he writes, “U.S. economic growth depends on it.”

Read the full Bloomberg column here.


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  • Posted by RockyMtnHigh

    Regarding graduates and immigration, it might be advantageous to both Canada and the USA, to accept every undergraduate and post candidate from other parts of the world into our respective secondary education system and then, when that person has earned the Masters or PHD designation, then, that person is given the equivalent of a Green Card so that they have the opportunity to work in the USA or Canada should they so choose.

    They may not want above, and wish to return to Pakistan or India or Argentina, but, , , , give them the automatic opportunity to stay and continue to contribute. As it is now, and as you point our, the number of post graduate degrees are going down, birth rates are going down in the “developed world”, We need the brains in North America. We need the workers, and our birth rate continues to fall. Right now, in North America 1.7 birth rate, to sustain the population, 2.3 is required. We are going backwards in sustained brains and bodies. Who is going to think, who is going to work, 15 years into the future?

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