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Do-Nothing Congress Is Your Fault

by Renewing America Staff
July 17, 2014

Protest Government Shutdown Congress Los Angeles California Marcia Noboa, 65, protests against the government shutdown and potential cuts to Social Security and Medicare outside the Federal Building in Los Angeles, California (Lucy Nicholson/Courtesy Reuters).


Conventional wisdom holds that Congress is more polarized than the American people as a whole. However, in a new column for Bloomberg View, CFR Adjunct Senior Fellow Peter Orszag explores evidence showing that voter preferences may have long been misread. Congressional districts that are moderate on average may not actually contain large densities of moderate voters. Instead, there may be a similar number of partisan Democrats and Republicans, with only a small moderate minority.

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  • Posted by Lin Hunt

    The polarity of American populace is not the problem. The unwillingness of our politicians, beginning with the President, to solve problems through compromise is. The polarity the Presidential office, beginning with Bush and intensifying with Obama, needs to be fixed. The “it’s my ball, so play the game with my rules” approach is what needs to be addressed and fixed.
    We have to do a much better job of finding the Reagan’s and Clinton’s who want problems addressed and fixed rather than seeking political gain at any cost..

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