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A heads-up

by Brad Setser
May 12, 2008

If all goes according to plan, my blog will be migrating to later this week. The transition should be pretty seamless — at least that is the goal.

It obviously is a bit of a change for me, after being a part of the RGE site for so long. I am particularly grateful that Nouriel and RGE hosted my blog for the past several months, even after I moved to the Council on Foreign Relations. It also will be a bit of a change for the Council and for the Center for Geoeconomic Studies. I trust that the high quality of comments that has distinguished this blog will continue – and that the comments will remain focused on global economic issues. I’ll have more later in the week.


  • Posted by Guest

    "a bit of a change for the Council, which hasn’t hosted a blog with comments" – huh?

    btw, will your archives migrate as well?

  • Posted by bsetser

    i was under the impression that comments weren’t operation on the campaign 2008 blog — i’ll adjust accordingly. and yes, in theory the archives will also migrate — though if all goes well everything will also be automatically redirected.

  • Posted by claus vistesen


    Thanks Brad … I am sure your fellow econbloggers will put up notices so that people can change their RSS feeds and update their blogrolls accordingly.

    I will.


  • Posted by bsetser

    thanks claus — i’ll let you all know once all i have been dotted and ts crossed and the new blog is live.

  • Posted by Anonymous ibid.

    Wow! Brad, you’ve joined the New World Order? ;-D

  • Posted by gillies

    may i be the first to congratulate your candidate on winning the presidential election? i believe that the credible candidates in the race have for some months now all been c f r members. obama, clinton, edwards etc. mccain, romney, thompson, etc. correct me if i am mistaken . . .