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Cross border flows, with a bit of macroeconomics

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Monday’s sad economics and finance blog news

by Brad Setser
December 3, 2008

Tanta proved that deep knowledge and passion could give life to any topic, even one that might seem dry. No one made the details of mortgage origination and securitization more compelling. The obvious relevance of her work helped. So did the fact that she could really write — no one was better at sustaining a complex (and lengthy) argument over multiple blog posts. But what always stood out to me was her deep sense that we all had a stake in making sure that mortgage securitization was done well, and we all lost when it wasn’t. She cared enough to try to make the part of the world she knew best work a bit better. Her voice will be missed.


  • Posted by modgen

    Oh, that’s tasteful, DJC.

    We miss Tanta.

  • Posted by Beau Butts

    CR has posted on his blog a wonderful tribute to Tanta. Go read it. It really captures just how much she gave all of us even while she was sick.

  • Posted by Movie Guy

    Very decent of you, Brad.

    Tanta once said, “And there are giants still. I want them to have a home to come back to. I want them to come back. Now.

    Tanta was a giant. I wish that she would come back. Now.