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Cross border flows, with a bit of macroeconomics

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The CFR’s financial crisis guide

by Brad Setser
July 3, 2009

It isn’t quite a yield curve mambo, but Paul Swartz and I did pull together a few Google motion charts to help illustrate the origins — at least in our view — of the financial crisis of 2007-08. Click on motion charts after following this link.

What’s more, the Council’s website has an interactive tool that lets you play with the charts …

Enjoy the charts over the holiday weekend (at least in the United States). And let me know what you think. Are there any charts that we used that didn’t work? Are there charts that we should have included but didn’t?


  • Posted by Judy Yeo

    Huizer: risk that the purchasing power of that dollar will be different from now

    true, there may be little doubt that the US gov will pay coupon and all necessary payments – but the factor u mentioned above does come into play n increasingly the us gov is expected to “take care” of this pesky side problem

  • Posted by Stephen Douglass

    sorry for the late post… catching up on my RSS reader after vacation. here’s a cool yield curve chart