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Huge thanks

by Brad Setser
July 19, 2009

This is Brad Setser. I am back, and will resume posting soon.

But I first wanted to offer my enormous thanks to Mark Dow of Pharo and Rachel Ziemba of RGEMonitor for filling in here when I was away. They set a standard that I will have a hard time matching.

Two weeks is a long time in blog land. I though needed a true break – and thanks to their efforts, this blog didn’t miss a beat. I can not thank them enough.


  • Posted by sillythings

    I like to also thank Mark and Rachel. I have learn a lot from them. In particular, I like the econ discussion with an investment angle. Thanks again!

    By the way, do Mark or Rachel have their own blog?

  • Posted by bsetser

    Rachel blogs at the RGE monitor site on a fairly regular basis; Mark doesn’t (yet!!!) have a blog.

  • Posted by marc

    I really like your blog entries (hugely). But taking a break is essential if you want to keep up the effort over a long period of time. You’ve found very competent guest-posters, maybe something you should do on a more regular basis?

    This is about the only blog with almost only data and no chattering. How refreshing.

  • Posted by q

    i would like to thank them as well.

    i would also like them to thank me.

  • Posted by bsetser

    marc — i do try to work in a bit of commentary alongside the data … this isn’t a chatter free blog by any means. But i like your suggestion of more time off.

  • Posted by gillies

    don’t go away for too long, brad. i get nervous when we are left to watch the global economy on our own. – goldman sachs gave themselves big bonuses as soon as your back was turned.

  • Posted by claus vistesen

    Hi Brad,

    Welcome back. Cudoos to Mark and Rachel for keeping a high level of punidtry while you were away.

    Oh, and you can forget about more time off … who else will dissect the US external balance 🙂 (Of course Rachel is very much up to the task).